Haverhill House Publishing — The Consort by J. Edwin Buja

The Consort

Book Two of THE WOOD

By J. Edwin Buja
Published by Haverhill House Publishing

Meet Cate Ravenscroft, new Professor of Botany at the local college. The fiery Scot takes no crap from anyone, whether it’s a colleague, a brother, or a pompous deputy. Her talents and experience give her a special insight into the goings on in Tyndale, but she remains in the dark as to what is happening and why. The crows have taken a liking to Cate and are there to protect her from those who wish her harm.

Naturally, she catches the attention of the King and Brother James. One wants to kill her, the other wants to wed her.

The green continues to expand and no one knows why.

The army arrives to do what armies do and faces an enemy with weapons no soldier can resist. And another person with great power awakens from a long sleep.

All these forces are heading for a showdown that will determine who lives and dies and, most importantly of all, who will rule as the King of the Wood.

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