New Releases

New Releases

Forthcoming Titles & YAP Books

Forthcoming Titles & YAP Books

Haverhill House Publishing

Haverhill House Publishing

Haverhill House Publishing

Haverhill House Publishing

Twisted Publishing

Twisted Publishing


NOW AVAILABLE from Haverhill House Publishing

Invisible Chains by Michelle Renee Lane
The King of the Wood by J. Edwin Buja
The Twisted Book of Shadows, ed. by Christopher Golden & James A. Moore
The Rhymes of My Times by Gabriela Vargas
Spirits by Sheri Sebastian-Gabriel
The Waking Trilogy by Christopher Golden
Wildwood Road by Christopher Golden
Wittier Than Thou, edited by David Goudsward

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As Haverhill House Publishing and our imprints are committed to delivering the very best titles to our readers, we are thrilled to announce the following books will be available for purchase shortly.
Forthcoming Titles
Pre-Order: CARBON by Andrew Vachss
Pre-Order: CARBON by Andrew Vachss
Coming November 2019 from Haverhill House Publishing:CARBON by Andrew Vachss In The City, government is god — in...
Pre-Order: JENNIFER STRANGE by Cat Scully
Pre-Order: JENNIFER STRANGE by Cat Scully
Coming July 2020 from Young Adult Publishing:JENNIFER STRANGE by Cat Scully When her father disappears, Jennifer...
Coming March 3rd, 2020 (i.e. "Super Tuesday")Haverhill House Publishing is proud to announce THE DYSTOPIAN STATE...

A Few Words About Our Imprints

Much like one's preferred taste in food, every reader has their own unique "literary palate." That's why Haverhill House has established the following imprints — to assure that there's something on our menu to whet your literary appetite!

Twisted Publishing

Horror with a dark, comedic twist. Twisted Publishing is for those who've been told, "You have a sick sense of humor!" ...

Mystical Words

Mystical Words is our forthcoming imprint focused on holistic well being (incl. philosophy, meditation, and self-help).

Young Adult Publishing

We strive to reach all readers and are proud to provide books for young adults via our Young Adult Publishing imprint. ...

Young Adult Publishing Jr.

You can never start a reader too young! As such, our new YAP Jr. imprint strives to put a book in your child's hands. H...

Currently Closed for Submissions

Haverhill House Publishing and its imprints are currently closed for submissions. Please feel free to contact us with any other inquiries. Thank you.

Coming November 2019 from Haverhill House Publishing:
CARBON by Andrew Vachss

Haverhill House Publishing — Carbon by Andrew Vachss

Hardcover $29.95 • Paperback $17.95 • 

eBook $4.99 • Audiobook $29.99

In The City, government is god — in The Sector, anarchy rules.

The Membrane stands between those worlds. Some cross it to The Sector, seeking the forbidden. Some cross it to The City, seeking a chance to see the sky. Some try to stay. Most die trying.

In a world without paper, names are earned. Sector-born, Carbon has been forged by his life, and violence became his only credential.

Knowing his life expectancy, Carbon risked everything for a chance to live in The City, with the fresh paper and retinal enhancements that requires ... a price beyond the ability of any Sector-born to earn alone. Captured, he entered prison.

Another membrane, demanding another devil's bargain to cross it. Now, released to find a killer whose pattern threatens the government itself, Carbon's real search is for the money stashed by his former gang.

Only one woman knows that location. She will trade that information for the return of her property ... an abducted child. The child is somewhere in the Pure Zone, a wild place where sorcery works, but firearms do not. Trapped between hostile worlds, Carbon will enter the Pure Zone as he's entered so many cages ... hyper-focused and fatal to anyone blocking his path.

"This is a fantastic departure for Vachss. Lean as a prehistoric corpse and full of magic without an overabundance of geegaws and wizard hats. One of his most original and among his best. And that's saying something."

Joe R. Lansdale, Edgar award-winning author of the Hap & Leonard Series

"(Carbon) is a stupendous piece of work, a genre-busting masterpiece that is a whole new direction in fiction. As astonishing as it is compulsively readable and as always with Andrew Vachss, the compassion and empathy for the vulnerable and victimized is heart-wrenching. May be the finest work yet from the master of the art."

Ken Bruen, Bestselling, award-winning author of the Jack Taylor Series

“I’ve been reading Vachss for 30 years and he only gets better. This time, he delivers the payload of his righteous obsession with child protection in a new weapon: a science fiction tale, the dystopian story of a killer and the child he bonds with set in an arresting world that’s like a dark, shattered mirror of our own.”

Barry Eisler, bestselling author of the John Rain Series

"In CARBON, Andrew Vachss gives us a fascinating new character, "Carbon White", a man who walks alone in a world that is part dystopian future, part urban fantasy. Carbon is a hard man in a harder world, a former private investigator who now takes occasional "jobs" for people in need.

To say more would be spoiling the story, but Carbon White does indeed possess a soft heart. His interaction with another character - which we are led to believe may be long-term - proves again the toughest man in the room is the one who is strong enough to be compassionate."

Will Graham, author of Vegas Knights

"Andrew Vachss says he has only one song to sing. Well, maybe, but this song has so many fridges and melodies, so you can beat with such "discography" the amount of Yesterday's cover-versions, but this song is more useful, although.

Carbon is some sacral masterpiece of art-house; we see flashbacks, but can't get at once, where is the past, where is the present - because there is no time. We see how the locations is changed, but all distances seem endless. But we can be sure in one thing - we can diamond (maybe someone still carbon, though) clearly feel the heartbeat of the story.

This book has a pulse. And a color. Far beyond black or white. The Color of life."

— Albireo Svyatoslav Nickolaevich