THE MOORE HOUSE by Tony Tremblay


With THE MOORE HOUSE, Tony Tremblay takes us on a terrifying journey. THE MOORE HOUSE, described as Ghost Story meets The Exorcist, will possess you, as well.



The Moore House

By Tony Tremblay
Introduction by Bracken MacLeod
Published by Twisted Publishing

With THE MOORE HOUSE, Tony Tremblay takes us on a terrifying journey. Three excommunicated nuns, Nora, Agnes, and Celeste, join a paranormal unit sanctioned by the Catholic Church, in the hopes for redemption in God’s eyes. As empaths, their jobs are to verify reports of demonic possession, and when their boss, Father MacLeod, is persuaded to investigate a house in a small New Hampshire town, the three women are chosen to assess these claims. Goffstown police files detail numerous extraordinary occurrences at the Moore house, including seven gruesome, unsolved killings. For this reason, the three empaths are instructed to not enter the dwelling, but to employ their abilities while circling outside the house. Nora, Agnes, and Celeste proclaim it free of supernatural forces, but they are wrong … dead wrong. The three women discover their presence is part of a larger plan. The Moore House is not only possessed, but it soon possesses them, forcing them to relive the sins that had resulted in their excommunications. Their belief in God and redemption dissolving, they become pawns in a demonic scheme, a means to an end, in which Father MacLeod is their only hope. But Father MacLeod has made his own deal with the devil, and the devil is ready to collect. THE MOORE HOUSE, described as Ghost Story meets The Exorcist, will possess you, as well.


“I’m a big fan of religious-themed horror, and I enjoyed Tremblay’s approach. With plenty of haunted house mayhem, an interesting cast, and a flawed but likable crew of demon hunters, THE MOORE HOUSE is a fine debut and a quick read to get the chills going.”
The Horror Fiction Review

“I adored this horror novel, in every sense. Author Tony Tremblay knows how to terrorize his characters and his readers. I read this over two evenings/nights, which was really brave of me, since THE MOORE HOUSE is super scary. I won’t be forgetting this novel for quite a long time. I especially won’t forget the explosively terrifying opening scenes involving a homeless, feckless, drifter — and THE MOORE HOUSE.”
The Haunted Reading Room

THE MOORE HOUSE is an unrelenting tale of possession, distantly echoing themes of The Amityville Horror, The Exorcist and Poltergeist. From the opening page the reader is pulled into the fictional hell of Tony’s mind, and it doesn’t stop until the final pages. There is no fat on this book — it is lean and muscled, at times brutally graphic. Typically it takes me roughly a week to finish a novel these days, but this treasure was devoured within two days. Not because it’s an easy read, but rather the almost seamless and unpretentious style in which Tony writes.”
Michael Upstill Reviews

“Tony’s writing will fill any horror reader’s appetite — rest assured.”
Buttonholed Book Reviews

“I can’t think of a better way to describe THE MOORE HOUSE than with the author’s own words of warning from one character to another in the actual story … Think of all the scary stories you’ve read about demonic possession. Remember all the horrible scenes you’ve seen in horror movies. This will be worse.” From the very first page, I was drawn into the story of this house said to have a black soul and the tale of three former Nuns, empaths, employed by the Church to determine if there is any evidence of possession. The Moore House itself may be evil, but as a book it’s good. It’s more than good — it’s great, and it’s terribly effective in what it sets out to accomplish. Tony Tremblay continues to grow as an author and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. … about halfway through, I got the feeling I was reading a breakout book by an author I’ve been reading since the very beginning. As a reader and reviewer, that’s pretty damn exciting. Simply stated, The Moore House is one of the best possession stories I’ve read since The Exorcist. I fully recommend adding this novel to your Summer TBR pile.”
— Frank Michaels Errington, Cemetery Dance Magazine

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