THE FERRYMAN by Christopher Golden


“With his customary style and economy, Christopher Golden has penned a powerful and haunting tale.”
— Clive Barker


The Ferryman

By Christopher Golden
Published by Haverhill House Publishing
A River City Writers Production

Janine Hartschorn left David Bairstow for a man who abandoned her once he discovered she was pregnant with his child. A miscarriage almost ended her life. Now she and David are reaching for a second chance.

But something is determined to keep them apart. Something with the power to conjure up ghosts from David’s past and make them real. Something Janine knows from her near-death experience.


“With his customary style and economy, Christopher Golden has penned a powerful and haunting tale.”
— Clive Barker

“Golden delivers…good, old-fashioned storytelling with a contemporary sensibility. There’s no lack of tension, and he doesn’t back away from the consequences of the darkness he has set upon his characters.”
— Charles de Lint

“A compulsive read, one I finished in a single sleep-deprived night. The characters are easy to care about, the story unpredictable and involving.”
— Poppy Z. Brite

“An intelligent, compelling ghost story in the classic horror tradition . . . Harrowing . . . Superior characterization, an exquisitely detailed setting and superbly orchestrated suspense.”
Publishers Weekly

“A gripping tale from a genre master.”
— Kristine Huntley, Booklist

Shot through with a sadness that sometimes gently aches and other times deeply wounds. Golden’s subtle and clever way with a plot really shines. Spencer makes a stellar second-tier bad guy, the kind of jerk you don’t just love to hate; you want to beat him to death with a coal shovel.
— Brian Hodge, Hellnotes

“Low key but quite effective horror.”
— Don D’Ammassa

“A horrifying, disturbing assault . . . Tight, focused and almost claustrophobically intimate, it’s a must read for those yearning for a really terrifying experience.”

“Golden has a talent for (creating) the most realistic characters you’re likely to find outside of a Stephen King novel. You care for these people and their well-being as much as you would for people you know. Golden has proven to be one of the great horror authors of our time. (His) works have impressed me in ways most horror novels can’t even approach. (The Ferryman) is horror in its purest form.”
Creature Corner

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