STRANGEWOOD by Christopher Golden


“A beautiful and wildly inventive hymn to the most salvific human capacity: imagination.”
– Peter Straub



By Christopher Golden
Published by Haverhill House Publishing
A River City Writers Production

As TJ Randall, he pens the tales of Strangewood, the most popular series of children’s books since The Wizard of Oz. As Thomas Randall, he is a recently divorced father coping with joint custody, which permit him with only weekend visits with his young son. But when his son is hospitalized with an incurable catatonia, the reality and fantasy of Thomas’s life start to merge… His son has been taken hostage into the world Randall created. Strangewood is at war.


“Thomas Randall is the creator of Strangewood, a hugely popular children’s series with echoes of Frank L. Baum’s Oz, C. S. Lewis’ Narnia, and A. A. Milne’s Hundred Acre Wood. Randall has considerable wealth and fame, but his personal life is steadily disintegrating; his wife has left him and his son, reacting to the trauma of his parents’ failed marriage, has become distant. Randall’s problems have also left him with an acute case of writer’s block, a condition that threatens him both financially and emotionally.

The author’s life is further complicated when his son disappears into Strangewood, kidnapped by the characters that populate Randall’s books. The kidnapping is a cry for help from those creatures, a desperate plea for attention from their friend Thomas, whom they have known since he was a boy. Strangewood, you see, existed before the coming of Thomas Randall, but now can’t exist without him.

Always adept at handling action and suspense, Golden adds another dimension to his work in Strangewood, manipulating readers’ heartstrings in addition to their anxieties. This novel is at turns amusing and sobering, a moving, unsettling, sometimes nightmarish book about fathers and sons, responsibility, writing, and the power of imagination. Golden has delivered the rarest of commodities: a genuine good read, a book which manages to shock and move, illuminate and mystify. Don’t miss it.”
— Henry Wagner


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