Scott T. Goudsward

Haverhill House Publishing: Our Authors — Scott T. GoudswardScott T. Goudsward is a slave to the cubicle world by day, and to the voices in his head by night. He writes horror primarily but has branched out to sci-fi and fantasy. His latest novel, Fountain of the Dead, has been re-released by Crossroad Press. His short fiction most recently appeared in The Final Summons. The non-fiction book Horror Guide to New England (co-written with brother David Goudsward) is now available from Post Mortem Press. He is a coordinator of the New England Horror Writers, spearheading numerous well-received anthologies, including Wicked Women and the forthcoming Wicked Creatures. Other anthology projects include Would But Time Await, co-edited with KH Vaughan, and Fright Train, co-edited with Tony Tremblay and Charles R. Rutledge. Scott is currently working on a YA novel and looking for new anthology possibilities. Available Titles by Scott T. Goudsward: FRIGHT TRAIN (with Charles R. Rutledge and Tony Tremblay).

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