Matt Bechtel

Matt Bechtel was born just south of Detroit, Michigan (cursing him a Lions fan), into a mostly-Irish family of dreamers and writers. As such, he has spent most of his years making questionable life decisions and enjoying the results. Mentored by its late-founder Bob Booth, he serves on the Executive Committee of the Northeastern Writers’ Convention (a.k.a. Camp Necon). His first collection, Monochromes and Other Stories, was published by Haverhill House in 2017, and he has sold stories to anthologies published by PS Publishing, ChiZine Publishing, the New England Horror Writers, Fantastic Books, and Zsenon Publishing. He currently lives in the Northeast with the love of his life, his partner and fellow author Sheri Sebastian-Gabriel (and if you catch him with a pint in his hand you’ll notice that he always follows Irish tradition and signs his initials into the head of his Guinness). Please visit him at www.matt-bechtel.comAvailable Titles by Matt Bechtel: MONOCHROMES AND OTHER STORIES.

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