Haverhill House Publishing — Spirits by Sheri Sebastian-Gabriel

Coming July 2019 from Haverhill House Publishing:
SPIRITS by Sheri Sebastian-Gabriel

Haverhill House Publishing — Spirits by Sheri Sebastian-Gabriel

Tori Garrett is a haunted woman. After accidentally killing a teenaged girl with her car, guilt drives her to the bottle, which eventually costs her job.

Carla Perez is also haunted. She wants Tori to pay for killing her daughter. She relentlessly stalks Tori and eventually corners her in a bar and threatens her.

Horrified by this encounter, Tori decides it’s time to get out of town, seeking solace in the one place she found happiness as a child — Cape May, N.J. It’s off-season, but she believes she can dry out and reassemble the tattered remains of her life.

Kind-hearted Amelia Warren, owner of the Seaside House Bed & Breakfast, takes Tori in as the only winter guest at her establishment. Lonely and broke after her husband’s death, she believes she can find friendship with Tori, but instead finds herself trapped with a woman whose sense of reality is rapidly unraveling, degraded by an unyielding thirst for alcohol.

Chris Silver is a superhero in his own mind. Tortured by his past, he tries to save the damned and endangered in a bid for redemption. He’s desperate to save Tori from herself, but can he do so without putting himself in danger?

As Tori descends into madness and alcoholism, the people she relies on most find themselves on a collision course with the bottle. Will her spirits, both real and imagined, lead Tori to drink herself to death? Can she defeat her demons before she destroys herself and everyone around her?

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