Haverhill House Publishing — King of the Wood by J. Edwin Buja

Coming July 2019 from Haverhill House Publishing:
KING OF THE WOOD by J. Edwin Buja

Below the town of Tyndale, the King of the Wood feels threatened. His power is waning and his minions are abandoning him. He is determined to retain control and destroy the usurper: Tom Bender. But exactly who is The King of the Wood?

Unlike previous pranks, the latest student hazing in Tom Bender’s back yard proved fatal. Animals begin to obey him. Crows seem to understand what he says and pass along cryptic messages. Then everything in the garden starts to grow and keeps growing long past its natural season. Tom thinks this is wonderful until he discovers that the deck is growing too.

Brother James knows of the coming conflict. He is sure that he can defeat both the King and any human opposition. Brother James is confident he will assure the ascendance of man over nature. However, his spy in Tyndale has another target: Tom.

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