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ERIN’S DAUGHTERS by Michael Mannion



A young woman succeeds in making her dreams live.  What does she do as she sees them dying?

In 1943, Colleen Murphy was born at night, during the era of wartime blackouts, into a conservative, Irish-American Catholic family in The Bronx.  Her mother knew immediately that this baby was different.  And it worried her.

From the start, Colleen was observant, curious, searching.  She had a sparkling glow about her. In her teen years, she yearned to break free, to be independent, to love and be loved.  In 1959, she became pregnant at age 16.  Only her beloved grandmother stood by her.

Colleen was never a “rebel without a cause.”  She struggled to understand who she was and what Life was all about.  She loved learning and expressed herself through music and singing.  In the freedom of the 1960s, she created a new life for herself and her daughter.  Colleen moved to California, becoming active in the peace movement, the women’s movement, and human potential movement.  She was part of the revolutionary changes in personal and social life brought on by the counterculture.

But in the early 1970s, the United States took a sharp turn to the right. Many of the advances of The 60s did not survive.  It was a period of profound difficulty for Colleen.  She left California and returned to New York City, discouraged, lost.  Those who loved her deeply worried about her.  They did not know if Colleen would survive…neither did she.


About the Author


Michael Mannion has been a professional writer and editor for over 40 years, focusing on medicine, health, and new science. He is the co-founder of The Mindshift Institute, a 501 © 3 nonprofit organization which has produced dozens of events since 1999 in New York City and around the country, as well as 10 annual “Cosmos and Consciousness” conferences in Rangeley, Maine from 2003-2012. His Mindshift Institute also created a Center for New Knowledge in Northampton, MA which operated for four years, closing in 2012.

Mr. Mannion was formerly the Director of Professional Education Publications for the American Cancer Society and the Managing Editor of the society’s flagship publication Ca-A Cancer Journal for Clinicians. He has been a staff writer for the New York City Health Department and also has written for many major conventional and complementary health organizations, practitioners and medical publishing companies. He has worked as a ghostwriter and editor on a number of physician-authored books.

Mr. Mannion now edits and writes articles for the Journal of The Mindshift Institute (www.mindshiftinstitute.org). He has published two novels, Death Cloud and Colleen. He is also the author of Project Mindshift—The Re-Education of the American Public Concerning Extraterrestrial Life; A Maverick’s Odyssey—One Doctor’s Quest to Conquer Disease; The Pharmacist’s Guide to Over-the-Counter and Natural Remedies; and How to Help Your Teenager Stop Smoking.

He lives in Manhattan with his wife and Mindshift co-creator, Trish Corbett

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