Last December, I had the (highly stressful!) honor of organizing the Haverhill Public Holiday Bookfear. This River City Writers Event, which was open to the general public and absolutely free to attend, brought together authors, artists, publishers, editors, collectors and fans in a celebration of the holidays and of the written word. Authors read all day, AMAZING door prizes were raffled off (and I do mean AMAZING; we gave away a Kindle Fire HD!), and money was raised for the Haverhill Public Library. To say it was a great way to kick off the holiday season would be an understatement!

Participating authors and artists included:

Matt Bechtel
Daniel Braum
Brendan DuBois
Dana Cameron
Tom Deady
Kristen Dearborn
Jeff Deck
Barr Leey DeJasu
Karen Dent
Roxanne Dent
Duncan Eagleson
Amber Fallon
Dan Foley
Craig Shaw Gardner
Christopher Golden
Scott Goudsward
Catherine Grant
Nate Kenyon
Patrick Lacey
Izzy Lee
Bracken Macleod
John McIlveen
James Moore
Errick Nunnally
Doug Rinaldi
Rob Smales
Thomas Sniegoski
E.J. Stevens
Paul Tremblay
Tony Tremblay
Douglas Wynne

I cannot emphasize enough how proud I am of the success of the Bookfear and how rewarding I found the experience (although again, albeit stressful!). All of us involved with Haverhill Hill Publishing look forward to being a part of events like this one — events that not only bring our literary community together, but expand it — in the future.

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