Haverhill House Publishing — Mountain Home by Bracken MacLeod

Lyn Lowry fantasizes about escaping her ordinary life as a waitress in a rural roadside diner, dreaming about the excitement of living in the big city. But when the first bullets smash through the windows of Your Mountain Home Kitchen, she finds herself living in a nightmare instead.

Surviving the initial attack is only the beginning of the ordeal as Lyn reluctantly steps up to take control and find a way to escape alive. The other survivors trapped in the diner aren’t all eager to follow her lead, and the threat from her companions may be more dangerous than the sniper’s rifle outside. Navigating hostilities from both inside and out, Lyn quickly learns she can’t rely on anyone but herself to save her life.

And she thinks she might have seen something lurking in the dark trees at the edge of the forest. Something that wants her to know, all hope is gone.

“Damn well worth your time. A tense thriller full of well-drawn characters and an imaginative setup that puts it all in motion. This guy’s ready for the big leagues.”
— New York Times Bestseller, Christopher Golden, author of Tin Men and Ararat

“[A] VERY accomplished debut novel. I cared about the main characters… they were vividly real. Riveting debut novel.”
— World Horror Convention Grand Master Jack Ketchum, author of Off Season and The Secret Life of Souls

“Next time some fool gleefully announces ‘Small Press is dead,’ tell him to read this stunning debut, a cut–to–the–bone novel that credibly interweaves the 180° range of the human spirit and the 180° of darkness below it. The colorless evil always pushing against that micro–crust from below, while the colorless evil above is drilling for the soothing oil every psychopath seeks. A magical book, a reflective mirror of truth … and what that costs.”
— Andrew Vachss, Raymond Chandler Award winning author of the Burke series of novels and SignWave: An Aftershock Novel

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